BRAND We'll try to make kimchi with a firm foundation.


The World's Best Korean Kimchi, CHANDREAM

I am glad to introduce our brand to you
as the CEO of Chandream, Lee Dong-gwan.

Chandream Co., Ltd. is a company founded under the banner, Globalization of Korean Side Dishes and Kimchi from Jeonju, the region of taste and style.

Since its establishment, we have gone through a lot of difficulties. In 2017, we declared that the firm specializes in kimchi so as to emphasize our core competence of producing and distributing kimchi. We continuously work toward combining the traditional taste of Jeonju with kimchi.

Recently, we developed ¡®Jeonju Aranchae Kimchi¡¯, which is constantly supplied to schools, public institutions and large food/catering services. Sustained effort is involved in opening both domestic and overseas doors. We look forward to your support and criticism for us to evolve into one of the global companies.

We deeply appreciate your support and assistance.

7 kinds of Kimchi, give you impression.