MENU We'll try to make kimchi with a firm foundation.

Baek Kimchi(White)

No powdered red pepper is used for white kimchi. It is recommended for children who dislike spicy food and those looking for something refreshing.

The juice is neat and fresh, and when slurped,
its cooler flavor can be felt

Baek kimchi is light and clean!
You may feel its real taste when sufficiently fermented.
When fermented for about 7~20 days at a low temperature, you will definitely taste the sweet napa cabbages and clean juice

The efficacy of kimchi

WorldĄŻs Healthiest Foods: Kimchi (Korea) Health Magazine, a monthly health magazine in the United States, Kimchi of Korea is selected as the 5 most important health foods in the world According to the health magazine, kimchi contains a lot of dietary fiber. It has a diet effect and contains vitamins A, B, C, And they have substances that prevent cancer.

All ingredients of Chandream Kimchi are prepared with our agricultural products that are carefully chosen.

  • Fresh agricultural products from Korea

    Our agricultural products in season are carefully chosen for kimchi production.

  • Deliciously extracted kelp broth

    Kelp is boiled in water to extract broth that adds savoriness.

  • Domestic powdered red pepper

    Sweet and soft powdered red pepper made in Korea is used for kimchi production.

  • Domestic garlic

    Quality garlic produced in Korea with more outstanding anticancer effect than the imported one is used.

  • Domestic salted shrimp

    Premium salted shrimp made in Korea is carefully chosen for use.

  • Domestic salted anchovy

    Salted anchovy rich in umami produced in Jeolla-do is used.

Chandream Kimchi fulfills a thorough sanitary control
and others a safe delivery system to keep your table safe.

  • Step. 01 Wearing disinfected shoes and performing disinfection
    Air shower (dust removal)
  • Step. 02 Choosing raw materials (ingredients)
  • Step. 03 Hand cleaning and disinfection
  • Step. 04 Kimchi seasoning
  • Step. 05
  • Step. 06 Packaging and delivery


Chandream Kimchi complies with
HACCP System for food safety.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. It is a system for food safety control in order to prevent contamination or inclusion of foreign substances at each processing stage from manufacturing and distribution of raw ingredients to delivery of the final products to end-consumers.
With the system, food safety is ensured, reducing the risk of food poisoning, improving the quality of life with a safe dietary life and offering an opportunity to choose a more reliable and safer food product. Remember to check the authorized HACCP mark

Look for the certification
of food safety, HACCP!